height 58636 | market cap 60,921 VEO
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Oracle Data #koWAM1ANpoPGmd+o3AFVABVyc7EeEHanf8qqmxOLeE4=

Created in block:38671
Created at:25.10.2018 23:51:22
Closeable at height:39671
Closed at:0
Question:Q=veo is worth more than $100;P=oracle zItT81PP8MYrk+QDce2eUid8SQSsMzZKhWBy2Wb2WGY= returns true; (P and Q) or (!P and !Q).
State:bad question
VEO unmatched:0


# Height Type From Amount State
1 38671 oracle_new BF3rw/kC3c5UJ6Lfr/uKxGgDT4mbIH